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Nft Collection

🔄 NFT Collection Page

collection page

📄 Collection Smart Contract address

Smart contract address representing the collection on the blockchain. You can find more info about the particular collection on blockchain scan like etherscan (opens in a new tab). Just click to copy the address and search on corresponding scan portal (e.g. polygonscan (opens in a new tab))

♾️ Token Standard

Token standard of the NFTs within collection. Typically ERC721(one of one) or 1155(multiple copies on one design).

⛓️ Blockchain

Blockchain where collection is available.

🫅 Creator Royalties

Percentage of value of secondary sales charged by the creator.

🔗 Collection Social and Web Links

Social media links and websites or servers with more information about the collection provided by the creator.

📊 Collection Stats:

Floor: The minimum asking price for the NFT in this particular collection.

⚙️ Collection Filters

Filter NFTs within the collection by specific traits and attributes. (e.g accessories, background color, land size etc.).